Lake Country Film Committee - Membership 2020

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Regardless of whether you consider yourself a movie buff or just a casual moviegoer, everyone has had that inspiring moment of leaving a theater with the feeling that they have experienced a variety of emotions they never knew existed. There is something undeniably different and awe-inspiring in sitting down with a crowd of people and watching a film on the big screen compared to a simple binge-watching session on a couch. This is one of the reasons why film organizations are important, and why we have chosen to bring a new film into Lake Country every month during the fall through spring months.
Membership provides you with FREE access to all the great, artistic, intellectual, and some times - just FUN - movies we select. Sometimes the Lake Country Film Committee will bring in bigger movies, and for those, you will have first dibs on the seats before the tickets go on sale to the general public.

Once the purchase of your membership has been confirmed, you can access your included tickets through the each show's event pages at


  • Show end times are not guaranteed and may vary.  1 complimentary ticket per member per screening, additional tickets $7.50 each. All sales final.
  • Non Film Committee Members: Tickets $7.50
  • Film Committee Members: Login to your account to access complimentary tickets.
  • Hugo: Saturday, September 26th (Preview Here)
  • Peanut Butter Falcon: Saturday, October 10 (Preview Here)
  • Charlie Chaplin's The Circus: Saturday November 14 (Preview Here)
  • Call Of the Wild: Saturday, December 5th (Preview Here)
  • Screening Location:  Creekside Theatre, Inside George Elliot Secondary
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